Web Intelligence

Taking strategic decisions without having the required intelligence (“the facts”) can be very dangerous for an organization or a company.

The Web Intelligence is the discipline that uses the raw information and big datas from the web to build up a reliable and actionable intelligence.  The intelligence will give you an edge on your competitors, your environment.

The intelligence cycle includes several steps including: collection, processing and exploitation, analysis and production and dissemination (sharing).  At Webintel, we develop customized tools for your Company or your organisation. These tools can collect, filter and analyze the information from the web and allow you to share the produced intelligence. These collaborative tools could become the base of your intelligence process.  All our solutions are web-based softwares (SaaS).

We invite you to ask more from the web. The web intelligence tools can be used to build up your competitive and market intelligence.


Crawling often meant, not just web crawling but extraction of structured data from web pages. Using open source technologies, the data you need, we get it to you in a form you can use them. We are focused in filtering undesired data, removing duplicate records or in a nutshell, bringing them to you in a clean way. In most cases crawling isn’t one time activity so we provide also continuously crawls to get fresh data.