Web Intelligence

Taking strategic decisions without having the required intelligence (“the facts”) can be very dangerous for an organization or a company.

The Web Intelligence is the discipline that uses the raw information and big datas from the web to build up a reliable and actionable intelligence.  The intelligence will give you an edge on your competitors, your environment.

The intelligence cycle includes several steps including: collection, processing and exploitation, analysis and production and dissemination (sharing).  At Webintel, we develop customized tools for your Company or your organisation. These tools can collect, filter and analyze the information from the web and allow you to share the produced intelligence. These collaborative tools could become the base of your intelligence process.  All our solutions are web-based softwares (SaaS).

We invite you to ask more from the web. The web intelligence tools can be used to build up your competitive and market intelligence.


Designed specifically for defense and security actors, cikisi collects, processes and analyzes your web information!

Automatically collect or search for information published by all types of web sources. cikisi frees your agents from the tasks of collecting, sorting and filtering the information necessary for your service. Unlike a human team, cikisi is able to process a great mass of collected information in real-time.

Cikisi allows you to quickly prepare a deployment on a new theater thanks to OSINT and SOCMINT. Improve the Situational Awareness of your troops regarding the involved forces and threats. Adapt your intelligence cycle to the immediacy of information and quickly produce exploitable reports.

Identify threats on your National Ground or on Foreign Theaters. Track events in real time (riots, terrorist attacks, combats, etc.). Be alerted when an important event occurs (killed soldier, #ied, suicide bomber, etc.). Analyze global trends or individual behaviors on social networks.

The modules of geolocation, Named Entities Recognition (NER) and grouping of similar contents link the information. Relational charts, geographical representations and other representations make it possible to analyze information quicker and take the right decisions in time.


The e-commerce is growing on the web.  The States must now control what is sold to their citizens on these e-commerce.  And a lot of Companies must track the products and the prices of their competitors.  Are you interested to follow targeted e-commerces?  If yes, then you need an e-commerce crawler and scraper.

WEBINTEL developed ECADE for the Belgian Company VINCIT.  e-cade means “E-Commerce Automatic Data Extraction”.  This web-based software (SaaS) crawls continuously targeted e-commerces and scraps the interesting datas to execute an effective monitoring and surveillance of the e-commerces.  After having simulate an human search, the system extract the title, image, price ,description and link of the results page.  Then e-cade detects the new items and the price modifications.  It searches also for given keywords and these keywords can be associated to quantities and units (example : search for “Vitamin C”and less than “150” “mg”).  The user-friendly interface is also collaborative: several users can work on the platform with different roles.

Contact us to develop your personalized e-commerce scraper.  You can also visit e-cade webpage : e-cade.me